The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are home to an incredible array of species, and some of the world’s most prolific reefs can be found just off the Maputaland Coast. The area’s reputation for superb diving is based on the sheer numbers of fish and other marine life to be seen, and the distinct possibility of encounters with iconic marine species.

Our exclusive arrangement means that Mokarran Dive Charters are the only permitted operator, and you won’t have to share the reefs with anyone (except of course the resident macrolife, fish and other living creatures that call the reefs home). Whether you’re a novice diver or an expert, this is one ‘undersea safari’ you simply must experience.


Diving the Maputaland Coast couldn’t be easier. Experienced, knowledgeable dive masters and boat captains have perfected an approach that maximises your diving time and minimises the hassle that is so often a part of commercial diving operations. Top quality equipment is available for rent from the dive centre at Rocktail Camp, and each dive is carefully planned for the best possible viewing.


Encounter the incredible marine life of Maputaland, including sought-after species such as manta rays (in season) and ragged-tooth sharks. Green and hawksbill turtles are frequently seen, and you may also get to meet a curious (and impressive) potato bass. Moray eels, octopuses and nudibranchs are all resident on the reefs, along with countless juvenile ocean fish in teeming ‘nursery’ sites.


Mokarran Dive Charters offer PADI-accredited courses (including lessons in the pool at Rocktail Camp for children and beginners). There is no finer place to learn to dive – experienced dive masters and instructors are always on hand to ensure your safety, and once you’ve mastered the necessary techniques, you can put your new-found skills to good use on the Maputaland reefs.


Please remember to bring your dive card and log book with you. While diving is possible on most days of the year, it is dependent on the weather and sea conditions (including underwater visibility). Please alert our dive team to any factors which may impact on your diving experience. Additional costs and minimum ages apply for all diving activities.